Smallville ComicCon

Smallville Comiccon

Smallville ComicCon is upon us (11 and 12 Jun 2016)!

Since 2013, during the summer, Hutchinson Kansas renames itself to Smallville Kansas. It lasts only for a day or two, but during that time, you have a chance to visit Clark Kent’s boyhood town. And if you go to the Smallville ComicCon, you can even get your mail postmarked from Smallville Kansas by the post office.

I had a wonderful time at Smallville last year and I’ve been looking forward to another great event!

Smallville Comiccon

This weekend is coming up fast and I will be at Smallville Comiccon June 20th and 21st!Smallville-comicon-KatrinaLawWhen I was at Planet Comicon earlier this year, a number of the other authors there spoke very highly of Smallville and so I am really looking forward to the show.  It’s not too far away—just a short drive to Hutchinson Kansas—and there will be several celebrities (Billy Dee Williams, Katrina Law, Lee Meriwether, …) well as a number of artist and creators (Rick Stasi, Neo Edmund, …).

And at 3pm on Sunday, I will be part of a Writer’s panel.

If you are in the area, come out and partake of the fun!