Daughter's Justice Cover

Daughter’s Justice

Stephenie has revealed to the world that she is a witch!

The faithful followers of Felis and the other gods are now demanding that she be burned to prevent the spread of the demon god’s evil.  However, another voice is rising up, declaring that she has already been cleansed of Elrin’s influence and that she is chosen by the gods; it is a claim Stephenie detests.

To make matters worse, her brother, who by rights of succession is now King, lacks the funds to pay his soldiers and keep control of Cothel.  Their mother, having fled to Kynto with the treasury and war supplies, has emboldened some of the dukes and many of the barons to demand more control of the country in exchange for their support.

Can Stephenie avoid the fires of the followers of Felis and people she once called friend or will their claims of righteous anger overwhelm her support? And even if she avoids being burned alive, will her presence simply be the catalyst that plunges Cothel into a civil war?

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