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Snow Cat’s Shadow

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In the north, only the strong survive.

Beyond the brutal weather, deadly beasts, and unforgiving land, there once existed a spirit of war and conflict. Unfortunately for Kadia, ten years earlier, internal treachery destroyed the will of her people and opened the way for southern invaders. Now living in an occupied country, as a woman, she’s lost the rights she would have previously enjoyed. With the tax collectors due in her village, she desperately needs to escape before she becomes part of her father’s annual payment to Duke Pendon’s men.

Many conflicts called most of her family to the Goddess, leaving Kadia little more than rage to fuel her need to drive the invaders, and their southern gods, from her country. But first, she needs to find northerners who still have the courage to fight. She will either restore Varik’s way of life, or die with a sword in her hand, for cowards never join the Goddess’ eternal battle against Dalkin, the ice demon. However, she must first escape those who would shackle her. But where can a young woman go to find what she needs?

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Snow Cat's Shadow