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Queen of Ista

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Over twenty years ago, the people of Ista suddenly disappeared.

Motivated by concern, or by greed, anyone daring enough to cross into the icy lands at the top of the world never returned. Eventually, the neighboring communities fell into disrepair as their populations and purpose for being dwindled. Then, three years ago, a stranger from the distant south followed a trail of death and destructions to Ista’s border and crossed into the deserted lands seeking answers.

Stephenie and her small group of friends became the first people to survive Ista’s protections. Driven by guilt, and a need to protect the deadly secrets hidden for eons, Stephenie declare herself Queen and started rebuilding her new country, hoping she could make herself a home. Despite the ancient magic that protects the land, the people who followed her from the country of Sandven need resources to survive, forcing her to seek allies.

However, the enemies that chased Stephenie from the south have been silently working against her for almost three years. Some want her dead; others want to control her. She just wants to live in peace, but first she must protect her friends and family while learning to master the powers and possessive rage she inherited from her sire.

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