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    New Release: Snow Cat’s Shadow

    Snow Cat's Shadow Cover

    The first book in a new series I have had Snow Cat’s Shadow bouncing around in my head for several years now. My biggest challenge had been scaling this epic story down into novel size chunks. Over the last 12 months I’ve managed to finish the first installment of the Snow Cat Series, as well as start a new series featuring Stephenie (Queen of Ista). Both new books are releasing on the same day! (28/29 Feb 2024 depending on time zone.) The Snow Cat Series will follow Kadia as she decides how she wants to deal with living in a country occupied by southern invaders. While it is set in…

  • Queen of Ista cover image

    New Release: Queen of Ista

    A new book featuring Stephenie The last 12 months have flown by, but I’ve not been idle. In fact, I’ve got two new novels releasing on the same day! (28/29 Feb 2024 depending on time zone.) I have a new…

  • Practice locks in vice


    A long time ago, a locksmith once told me “Locks are only to keep the honest person honest.” I was in my early teens and don’t remember who it was that said it, but that statement has always stayed with…

  • Winter Trees

    Recovering from Burnout

    A little more than three years ago, I started to suffer from burnout. Unfortunately, I didn't fully recognize it and probably felt a bit too proud and invincible to try and prevent it. As a Gen Xer, my first instinct…

  • Disrupted Habits a truck in the woods

    Disrupted Habits

    In general, habits make up who we are and what we do. They are shortcuts that allow us to function without overwhelming our brains. They make up our personalities and influence our view of the world because they become ingrained…

  • 3D printed tools for working on the tower
    3D Printing,  Model Building

    Construction Tools

    In the process of building Stephenie's Tower, I knew I would need some tools to help the process. Using my 3D printer and FreeCAD, I found it quite easy to make what I needed and iterate quickly when something didn't…

  • axes

    Axe For Permission

    I spent two weekends in Omaha learning about blacksmithing. I came home with many things, including two axes. Definitely something worth doing again. #blacksmithing #axe #amwriting #amwritingfantasy

  • Stephenie's Tower
    Model Building

    A Tower of my own

    I have always wanted a castle, and since a real one remains out of reach for the time being, a model castle was my next best option. Unfortunately, for the scale I want, that requires a lot of space. So,…

  • Dagger Stand
    3D Printing

    3D Printing

    I got into 3D printing because of my collection of daggers and swords and a need to display the blades. Over the years, I've really learned a lot more about CAD and how to get the most out of my…