Campaign Log: 1.15 – The Annoyance That Won’t Die

Campaign Log

Gemma's CaveLast Wednesday at Pawn & Pint we began the session at the new location (613 Walnut) and we saw other new happenings.

Pawn & Pint now has food and drinks (including adult beverages) and the party has a new member.

We pick up the action again at the abandoned keep. The Senzar were driven away and many citizens of Cothel were rescued from the basement of the keep, where the Senzar had set fires so that the prisoners would die if the party had not intervened.

As the peasants were deciding that they may be safer in the woods and away from the location where the Senzar had held them, a middle-aged man approaches the keep, having been drawn in by the smoke that was billowing up through a couple of the remaining towers. The man appears unarmed aside from a walking staff.

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Soda, or the lack thereof

Soda — the precious elixir of life?

Back at the end of May, I decided to give up soda. I don’t remember the exact day, but I flagged a calendar app as the last soda I consumed as being on 31 May 2017.

Today makes 133 days since that date.

The interesting thing is I still get twinges every now and again. For instance, I went into an A&W over the weekend and the last time I had been in there, I had several glasses of Rootbeer (because that stuff tastes good). That led me to crave some Cream Soda, which I only like every few years, but I wanted it at that moment. And knowing that I could not have the Cream Soda made me want some Squirt.

I resisted all of it and drank water.

How am I so strong?

Recently, someone asked me how I managed to give it up. How have I been able to hold strong on this goal? It’s been more than a third of a year now, so what is my secret?

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Campaign Log: 1.14 – Unferth, The Honorable Enough

Campaign Log

Gemma's CaveWell, last Wednesday at Pawn & Pint was actually the last time we met at the original location. This week we will be at 613 Walnut!

Unfortunately, this summary will not be as detailed (again, due to the fact I am yet to possess a TARDIS).

Last week saw the party setting up a new lair at the ruins where they had discovered a concealed cellar that had been abandoned (aside from some watery beast that caused a bit of trouble). In the morning, the party had spread out to check different things. While they were doing that, the sounds of horses moving through the woods from the east could be heard.

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Campaign Log: 1.13 – Return to Ruins

Campaign Log

Gemma's CaveLast Wednesday at Pawn & Pint was the last time we will meet at that location. Next week we should be at 613 Walnut! Yeah for the new location!

After the DM recovered from death by small nasty bugs that can leap from person to person, the group prepared to leave Gemma’s Wondrous Cave. Howl replaced the loose rocks that lead from the outer cave into the inner one. While doing so, he hid a pouch of gold coins with the hope that anyone else who might find the entrance would think they found a bandit hideout and the sum of the treasure.

The party then decided to head back east and out of the mountains to re-examine the ruins they found a few days before finding the cave that led to the city within the mountain. On the way out of the mountain range, they had to maneuver through some narrow valleys and they spotted a group of people being driven into the mountains by Senzar warlocks and soldiers.

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Biohazard Week

biohazardNormally I stay fairly healthy, but last week I presented a biohazard to those around me. It started as a normal Tuesday morning, but I soon had a slight tickle in the back of my throat and the sense that something was going wrong. My first thought was that once I got home, I would take a huge vitamin C dose and all would be right with the world.

Damn, things change fast. By the time I got home, I must have looked pretty bad because my wife offered to run to the store and get me something to help, leaving me at home on the sofa. I made it up to bed and then stayed there through most of the day Wednesday and even into Thursday evening. I had not wanted to be down two whole days, but I really lacked the energy to do anything about it.

I also normally don’t go without shaving, but this reminded me how fast facial hair grows. I did shower, mostly because the hot and humid air helped to clear the sinuses, but even still I was not a pretty sight.

I can’t remember the last time I had the flu, but I don’t think it came on so suddenly and with such ferocity. The speed of it surprised me and I guess it is something I will now try to remember in case I ever need to have a character in a novel suddenly down and out because of illness. And the length of time I had a fever (making me a biohazard) was longer than I normally suffer (lasted through Thursday night).

I am still not back to 100% and it is almost a week later. On the plus side, I didn’t get a sinus infection as a result and for that I am grateful.

By Saturday I had enough of being sick that I went ahead and did the Kansas City Zoo Run. Friday night I wasn’t sure, but I got up Saturday and pretty much said, “screw it, what’s the worst that can happen?” Not certain, but a nice hot 4-mile run seemed to help kill off the last the flu (or that will be my story). I didn’t post a great time, but I did manage a 13:16 pace. Next year I will do better (assuming I don’t become another biohazard days before).

Campaign Log: 1.12 – Escape from Gemma’s Wondrous Cave

Campaign Log

Gemma's CaveDue to a lack of time, this will be an abbreviated version of “Last Wednesday at Pawn & Pint.”

Let’s see, people moved, spells where thrown, weapons used, blood split, and enemies died.

I believe that sums it up.

Okay, that was faster than I expected. I guess I have a little more time left. So a couple more details.

The party, having realized they may not be fully prepared to explore an underground city, decided to return to the surface for supplies. On the way back through the natural caves, they disturbed a nest of giant spiders where a couple people got all sticky and Unferth found his tolerance for poison was just barely enough.

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Campaign Log: 1.11 – Gemma’s Wondrous Cave

Campaign Log

Gemma's CaveLast Wednesday at Pawn & Pint left one girl to fend for herself as the party had a mission, but then they found something wondrous to explore: Gemma’s Cave.

Having confirmed that Comir has sent soldiers into Cothel to act as spies or perhaps even an advanced force, the party redouble’s its effort to bring word to the King that his wife might be undermining the country. To that effort, the party, with their seven horses, skirt northwest along the edge of the forest that sits on the east of the Grey Mountains.

After a couple of days of traveling beside a river, they spot a couple of carriages and a number of people heading to the southeast. Not wanting to bother people who appeared to have means, they stand to the side of the road to allow the others to pass.

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Campaign Log: 1.10 – Murder Hobos

Campaign Log

Forest Encampment 1Last Wednesday at Pawn & Pint was summed up by Gemma as “two went cross-dressing and one got peed on.”

Wibly rejoined the party after their success at the forest encampment. A short discussion on the merits of returning at least a portion of the money to the villagers ensued and eventually, Howl agreed. They also decided it was safer to release the branded horses they had taken from Lord Erwel. With the seven they had taken from the bandits, the party had plenty. However, it might be best to sell the new horses instead of keep them.

Once they were done at the village, they continued toward the forests so they could use that as a guild to move along the edge of the mountains. They still needed to get Ishen to the front so she could warn the King of the potential threat from the Queen.

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Campaign Log: 1.09 – Forest Encampment

Campaign Log

Forest Encampment 1The setting: Wednesday night at Pawn & Pint the party had split for a short time. Having just killed a relative of the Queen, they doubled their efforts to head west toward the mountains where Wilby grew up. Wilby and Simon went ahead to scout while the others followed more slowly on the horses.

After five days of crossing rolling hills, where Unferth helped to feed Howl, Gemma, Rowan, and Ishen, they came across a road heading in an east/west direction. A wide, but not deep, river has long ago set the road’s path. As they debated the merits of trying to find a large town or city while riding horses that were branded with Lord Erwel’s marks, they spotted a group of soldiers moving from the east along the road.

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Campaign Log: 1.08 – Escape from Gevton

Campaign Log

GevtonLast Wednesday at Pawn & Pint the party found itself in dire straights. They were inside a walled town of nearly 500 people and someone was mad at them. Worse, the party was split in half.

Howl, Simon, and Wilby had left Gevton in the middle of the night, almost immediately after the Senzar warlocks were defeated. Howl, had swapped clothing with one of the Senzar and Gemma had used her Felis given powers to burn the skin and features of the man in an effort to make it appear that Howl had died in the attack.

While the remaining members of the party, Gemma, Rowan, and Unferth were preparing to leave themselves, a woman in her mid-twenties came into the temple. At first, the party is uncertain of her intentions, but the woman, named Ishen, explains they are all in grave danger. She had been secretly working with Priestess Caldia to keep watch on this town and those in it. The Lord of Gevton, a man named Erwel (whom the party had met just after Priestess Caldia had been killed) is related to Queen Elsia. They both came from Kynto and Erwel was placed as Lord of Gevton on her behest.

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