• Practice locks in vice


    A long time ago, a locksmith once told me “Locks are only to keep the honest person honest.” I was in my early teens and don’t remember who it was that said it, but that statement has always stayed with…

  • Historical Facts

    Finding Historical Facts

    I've written before about my browser history and getting put on lists (That Google Search Just Put Me on a List). However, my gripe now is a mixed one. I am sure I renewed my list memberships, but instead of…

  • Audiobook headphones
    Thoughts,  writing


    Admittedly, I am a little late to the audiobook scene. Unfortunately, none of my 6 novels currently have an audiobook version. In fact, until recently, I had not listened to any "books on tape" (to use the name they had…

  • Butterfly

    Psychology and writing

    Psychology: it is the study of the mind. The examining of behavior. The parts that make people who they are in a given situation. It is also an entire line of study in school, and for many, it is a…

  • Working Image of Fjelldal
    World History,  writing

    Fjelldal City Map

    I love maps. Old maps, new maps, maps of actual places, maps of places that only exist in the mind. It could be an obsession. It is a requirement for me to write. Maps keep my mind straight about where…

  • Bound

    Bound Is Available!

    Bound is now available! Raised in an isolated Colorado mountain valley and socialized with D&D, after her mother dies, Kyrie must learn to use her powers to stop those hunting her.

  • Bound

    Bound – Coming Soon!

    Bound, the first book in a new series is coming soon! Kyrie, raised by her parents in an isolated Colorado mountain valley, finds her world turned upside down after both of her parents die. Now she has to unravel her…

  • Rainbow over island
    Thoughts,  writing

    Welcome to 2020!

    Happy New Year! And happy new decade (I start counting with 0, so to me this is a new decade). I will say the teens were an interesting 10 years. There were ups and there were downs. A lot changed…

  • Parika Lake
    Hiking,  writing


    Recharging Recharging is something we do all the time for our devices; almost constantly it might seem. My phone is always in need of more juice, and my laptop will want a sip from the cord, even when I am not…