Daughter's Search Cover

Daughter’s Search

They say one can never go home — and that seems true for Stephenie

While Princess Stephenie has returned to Antar, the warm and loving welcome she hoped for has died before she even reached the castle. Speculation and fear surround her. Accusations of crimes she never committed fill the air. A series of grisly murders plague the city. And worse, her brother distrusts her actions and fears people might support her over him.

Despite trying to navigate through the politically charged environment, Stephenie cannot turn away from what she feels compelled to do, for the murderers are using her presence and assumed guilt as a pretense for the killings and she knows these murderers are using magic.

Stephenie, with the help of her friends, must quietly stop those responsible before a backlash of fear and anger sweep over the fledgling church of Catheri. If she cannot, demands to resume witch burnings will surely return. However, if the killers are actually Senzar mages, as Stephenie fears, they may exceed her ability to stop them.

Despite the maelstrom swirling around her, all Stephenie wants is to restore Kas’ body and live a quiet life with her friends. Hints and clues indicate that a secret ruling class of Senzar mages may have the knowledge she needs, but she cannot seek help from those who have tried to kill her. Instead, she wants to pursue a deeply buried family secret for the knowledge. However, should she risk pursuing the connection when everyone close to her fears it?

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