Daughter's Revenge Cover

Daughter’s Revenge

Defeater of the Senzar,
Protector of Cothel,
Prophet of Catheri …
but truly still only a witch

Stephenie, the youngest daughter of the late King of Cothel, overcame her mother’s treachery and escaped Antar Castle to stumble upon a lost city deep under Cothel’s capital. After awakening a ghost, she learned the truth about magic and the lies the priests have repeated for centuries.

With the help of a handful of soldiers, she rescued her brother and routed the Senzar invaders, crushing their army under an avalanche of rock when she unknowingly triggered an explosion in the Grey Mountains.

Consumed in an inferno from the explosion of magical energy, Stephenie defied all expectations and lived.  Through the support of her trusted friends, many people were convinced she was the prophet of a long lost god who argued for justice. Declared cleansed of Elrin’s evil, she avoided the fires of a witch burning and slipped out of the country to steal back the treasury her had mother stolen from Cothel, thereby, securing her older brother’s place on the throne.

However, her mother has not forgotten the curse she believes herself under. Tradition dictates that a child born a witch is a punishment for sins the mother committed against the gods. Fearing the curse rebounding upon herself if Stephenie were to die, Stephenie’s mother will stop at nothing to protect herself from the demon god’s evil, including sacrificing Stephenie and eating her heart.

After a team of holy warriors capture William, Stephenie will let no one, not even her brother, stand in her way of protecting those she cares about. But this time, her mother has done something unexpected and that will once again change the course of Stephenie’s life.

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