• Working Image of Fjelldal
    World History,  writing

    Fjelldal City Map

    I love maps. Old maps, new maps, maps of actual places, maps of places that only exist in the mind. It could be an obsession. It is a requirement for me to write. Maps keep my mind straight about where…

  • Camera Mount Union

    Camera Mount

    I scoured the Internet, but came up empty. I wanted a camera mount that I had a desk camp at one end, a pole to elevate the camera, and a standard tripod head screw at the top. I looked, and…

  • Flowering Tree

    Keeping Focused on the Diet

    I am still on the diet. This is coming to the end of week 3 of calorie tracking and I am down 5.8 pounds. Surprisingly, these three weeks have been easier than I expected. I have had 5 days where…

  • Berries

    Diet At Home

    Like many people, I have been at home for several weeks now. I'm fortunate enough that my day job allows me to work at home. However, that has allowed for some bad habits to proliferate. Namely, snacking. And I had…

  • Bound

    Bound Is Available!

    Bound is now available! Raised in an isolated Colorado mountain valley and socialized with D&D, after her mother dies, Kyrie must learn to use her powers to stop those hunting her.

  • Bound

    Bound – Coming Soon!

    Bound, the first book in a new series is coming soon! Kyrie, raised by her parents in an isolated Colorado mountain valley, finds her world turned upside down after both of her parents die. Now she has to unravel her…

  • New Web Page

    Website Updates

    With the new year, a new look to my webpage is in order. The core pages all have the new look and feel, but pages based on blog entries still need updates. Let me know what you think!

  • Rainbow over island
    Thoughts,  writing

    Welcome to 2020!

    Happy New Year! And happy new decade (I start counting with 0, so to me this is a new decade). I will say the teens were an interesting 10 years. There were ups and there were downs. A lot changed…

  • Standing stones model

    Making Models

    Models I have always wanted to create models of architectural items. Usually, this desire is around castles and medieval scenes. I’ve carved small castles out of plaster and even soap back in high school. Typically, my plans are on the…