• Rainbow over island
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    Welcome to 2020!

    Happy New Year! And happy new decade (I start counting with 0, so to me this is a new decade). I will say the teens were an interesting 10 years. There were ups and there were downs. A lot changed…

  • Standing stones model

    Making Models

    Models I have always wanted to create models of architectural items. Usually, this desire is around castles and medieval scenes. I’ve carved small castles out of plaster and even soap back in high school. Typically, my plans are on the…

  • Events

    Planet Comicon 2019

    Yesterday I loaded into Planet Comicon for their 20th Anniversary. Last year I did not do that many events and I had forgotten the thrill and excitement that a big event can bring. Seeing the floor, still in a mad…

  • Computer Harddrive

    What was I thinking…New Computer

    A lapse in reason Have I lost my mind? It is something I have been asking myself over the last couple of weeks. However, that questioning did not stop the inevitable decision to build myself a new computer. The old…

  • Parika Lake
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    Recharging Recharging is something we do all the time for our devices; almost constantly it might seem. My phone is always in need of more juice, and my laptop will want a sip from the cord, even when I am not…

  • Dollar,  writing


    Changes This last year has seen a lot of changes. Some good, some bad, some just different. It has brought me growth and at the same time held me back. So with that rather vague introduction, let me break down…

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    The sounds that make harmony in our minds Music can be an inspiration for many people. It has been part of human history since before we kept history. It is something almost everyone can relate to at least in some part.…