Campaign Log: 1.27-32 – My death has been greatly exaggerated

Campaign Log

FireI am not dead. Not yet. Or perhaps I have come back from death and I am a zombie. The last several weeks have felt like that

I have been working on renovating my house and that has really consumed most evenings and weekends. Flattening ceilings, painting ceilings, painting walls, preparing for someone to put in tile and replace the carpets… I spent ten evenings (and weekends) 12′ up on scaffolding—as it turns out, I am not all that afraid of heights. However, trying to raise and lower a safety cage that weights a good 40 or 50 pounds over the edge of a 3’x6′ platform 12′ from the hard floor is interesting work.

During that time, I have had five sessions at Pawn & Pint that did not get blogged. I have also missed four sessions over those weeks to maximize my time with the scaffolding and due to other activities. Over those five sessions, people have died and we even had a beach adventure. I am told what happens on the beach stays on the beach.

The latest casualty was Quai. We can say that alcoholism got him in the end as it was his pursuit of a cold drink that caused his death. We will see if the next session brings any more death. I think they may be facing an overpowered elemental. Shhh, don’t tell them.