• Historical Facts

    Finding Historical Facts

    I've written before about my browser history and getting put on lists (That Google Search Just Put Me on a List). However, my gripe now is a mixed one. I am sure I renewed my list memberships, but instead of…

  • Current Weight

    Weight Loss, where I am today

    Weight loss is one of the hardest things to deal with and just about everyone considers trying to lose weight at some point in their life. For many, it is a struggle they live with every day of their life.…

  • Procedural Drama

    Procedural Drama

    I grew up with Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, and dozens of other shows filling my evenings. I tended toward the more investigative programs, but I watched plenty of the shows that just showed the "good guy" beating up the…

  • Audiobook headphones
    Thoughts,  writing


    Admittedly, I am a little late to the audiobook scene. Unfortunately, none of my 6 novels currently have an audiobook version. In fact, until recently, I had not listened to any "books on tape" (to use the name they had…

  • Cables

    Cables, so many cables

    I would love to show you some pictures of beautifully managed cables. Precise lines bundled together with ninety degree turns and no loops or sags. Color coded, plastic wrapped wire, secured with coordinated Velcro and zip tied to tracks. Cable…

  • Butterfly

    Psychology and writing

    Psychology: it is the study of the mind. The examining of behavior. The parts that make people who they are in a given situation. It is also an entire line of study in school, and for many, it is a…