Losing weight, bumpy, but expected

Quick weight update

As you can see from the featured image, my overall trend is going down, though that is not without several bumps in the road. The images are from yesterday morning, so a day off. This morning I came in at 175.2, which is down a pound from yesterday, and actually 9.6 pounds over the last month (there was a little bump up 30 days ago if you are paying close attention to the 0.2 difference).

Some mornings I get a little down when I have periods of several days with no change, or worse, the days where it shows I’ve gained a pound and then I stay the same for several days. Many times where I have a gain, it is especially disappointing because often the day before I had a hard workout (like hiking 8 miles).

However, I flip over to the body fat percentage and can add a little rational thought behind the fluctuations. When I see a bump up in weight, an accompanying drop in body fat also occurs. So, I am gaining muscle, and muscle is denser than fat, which makes the scale go up and not down.

I’m just using a magic scale to calculate my percent body fat, so I expect there is a bit of inaccuracy in the number. (I don’t like the fat calipers, too much effort and still quite variable.) However, I am checking my weight each day with the same routine, so I expect the error is at least fairly consistent.

The best news is that both numbers are trending down and even though I have the Lose-it! app set for a goal of 1.5 pounds per week, and I am staying to the calorie values, I am actually dropping closer to 2 pounds a week.

I know when I started this, I said I wasn’t sure if I could keep disciplined enough, or if I would hit that period of total annoyance. The honest truth is, I have found it relatively easy. I have had some cravings for things that I just know I can’t have, but I often find something sweet and eat a small amount of it and then move on to doing something else. I think the being at home is really helping me, because if I had easy access to a lot of nice restaurants, I probably would succumb to cravings.

Actually, I better stop now. I am thinking about strawberry lemonade and that is definitely not low in calories.