World History

Cothel’s Royal Family

I know it has been a while since I added any details here. I have been busy working on Book 2, Daughter’s Justice, and have simply not added anything for too long. Therefore, today I will talk a little about Stephenie’s family.

Cothel’s Royal family goes back many generations and as was the custom several hundred years ago, when a significant change in government took place, the calendar was started over. This has led to many of the countries around the Sea of Tet using different years to track things than their neighbors. While it confuses the tracking of events over a longer period of time, most common people outside of government and nobility are fairly indifferent.

The Marn family can trace their roots back to the current start of the calendar in Cothel, which was in year 435 at the beginning of Mother’s Curse. For most of those four hundred years, they have had a significant role in actually ruling the country.

Stephenie’s immediate family tree is below. Her father, Charles II, is a direct descendant from the long line of Cothel’ Kings. Her Mother is descendant from Kynto’s royal family, which has only held the throne for four generations, with Elsia’s brother currently on the throne of Kynto.

Marn Family Tree




Of the children, Stephenie is the youngest.

  • Joshua, her older brother, has always been groomed for the throne. Growing up, he treated Stephenie as an honorary younger brother, allowing her to tag along with him.
  • Kara, who was killed by the Senzar before Mother’s Curse starts, was married to the Crown Prince of Esland.
  • Julia, Kara’s twin sister died less than a month after their birth.
  • Regina is married to the second youngest prince of Durland, who based on order of succession rules, is twentieth from the throne.
  • Islet is married to the King of Ipith.

Currently, none of Stephenie’s siblings have any children of their own.