Diet, I should have started sooner

Why didn’t I start sooner?

Like many people, when it came to resuming my diet, I always found myself saying  “I’ll start on Monday” and then “I’ll start on the first on the month” and so on. Turned out, I always planned to start tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

Well, now that I am a couple months into this effort (I started logging my food and watching my diet on 6 Apr 2020)  I am feeling better, sleeping better, and overall, have more energy.  Some days it sucks to not cram a bowl of ice cream into my face or to eat a salad instead of a huge bowl of pasta, but I am managing. It really is all about moderation. I still eat some ice cream, just a smaller amount. I love and eat pasta, but I measure out and weigh the noodles before I cook them.

Now that I am used to smaller portion sizes, I feel full sooner, which means the diet modifications are working. It keeps me on track, even if I have a week of bumps and jumps.

Diet Status


I’m not as with it as I would like on the exercise front. I get busy during the day and just forget to move from the chair.

As you can see from the step counts, I am stepping it up (pun intended). This last week I made sure to get in over 10k steps a day. But prior to that, I had some days where I barely managed 2k steps. The sedentary nature of my working in front of a computer can make it hard.

So, to help with the losing weight and staying on the diet, I am using the determination I built around what I am eating and I am getting out each evening. Achieving 5+ miles a day of walking eats an hour or two of time, but I end up feeling better afterwards, and so that helps me stay motivated. I am also seeing the definition in my calf muscles again. Yeah me!