Stories Without a Point – Down the River

Overlooking RiverI have been on a number of canoe trips in my life (not a great number, but several).  I have had to portage the boats down long stretches of dried up creeks (that one was with a large group and my dad took the wrong fork in the river).  I have been sunburned and so sore my arms no longer worked.  I have been dunked in the water and smashed my fingers against the hull and various obstacles.  However, the most enjoyable time was when two of my friends, one of their dads, and I took an overnight trip down the Kansas River.

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Stories Without a Point – It’s Cold

Snow covered woodsIn honor of the twenty degree weather expected to start tax day (I’m writing this on the 14th) I thought I would relay a story of being cold.  I can honestly say I have been quite cold many times in my life.  When I was younger, I had a paper route and I trudged through snow, rain, and the blistering sun to deliver papers.  (Just a side note, I do not recommend trying to ride your bike through a foot of snow, it is a lot more work than walking, trust me.)

One thing carrying newspapers taught me was that at a certain point, you can ignore the cold and embrace it.  It is pretty much a mental exercise, but when lugging papers through the biting wind, I could convince myself that while I was really cold, it didn’t matter and I would just “embrace” the cold and somehow I felt a little less miserable and less cold.  That little trick helped get me through a couple of winters, but not through my two coldest days.

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Stories Without a Point

I have decided to start a new series of post about random things that may not have any specific linkage.  These tales are just bits and pieces of life; hopefully they will be amusing.

For the inaugural story, I have decided to relate a tale of exploration…

Platte River

Platte River

Between my 8th and 9th grade years (pretty sure of the date based on the person who was with me) a friend and I wanted to have an adventure.  We had talked on and off for a couple of years about a river trip from Kansas City down to the Gulf of Mexico (which sounded like a lot of fun and included cutting trees and building our own raft, which we would use to navigating the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, stopping at various cities to resupply on the way … many of you may have guessed we had read Huckleberry Finn at some point).

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