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A few updates

libraryThe month of November was busy for me. My wife and I took a 10-day cruise in the Caribbean. We stopped at Aruba, Bonaire, Granada, Martinique, St. Thomas, and Princess Cays.

In Martinique, we stopped at a French bookstore and then after wandering around for a while, stopped at an old library with a lot of old books. (Yup, even on a Caribbean vacation, I will end up where they keep all the books.)

We had a lot of fun, and what’s more, when we booked the cruise, we bought soda packages (basically all the soda we can drink). Of course, I had bought those prior to giving up soda. So the big question is: did I drink the soda or stick to my plan of giving up the soda? The answer is, I am now more than 195 days since I have had a soda.

Some days I am not sure how I keep it up. Lately, I’ve been craving one. However, I keep looking at my phone app and now I want to see it go past 365 days.  I’ve beaten half a year, I want to try for a whole year. Who knows, I might not make it, but it will be interesting to try.


I am still reducing things, but the last half of the year has been hard to keep the focus on going through stuff. I’ve been busy with a lot of different things and I just have not had the time to purge. I am now 7 items away from 1000 items gotten rid of, so I will make a concerted effort to push myself over 1000 (and likely over 1009, so I can say I did more than half the 2017 goal). But the truth is, I don’t have 1000 items left to get rid of. At the start, I thought I had more things than I actually do and I am proud to have reduced as many things as I have.


I will be honest and say I have not done as much this year as I had planned. Again, lots of other distractions and things going on. I have made some changes since we got back from the cruise that will enable me to be more productive when I am mobile, which will be good. That alone has helped me be a little more productive at the end of November and so far in December. And I am liking the current WIP. The main character’s name is Kadia and she has some attitude. She’s also got a mean companion that will kick some ass from time to time.