Copic Marker Class

We took a trip to St. Louis and attended a wonderful Copic Marker class on Friday and Saturday taught by Lori Craig. As a kid, I sketched a lot. However, that was before markers were a thing, so I never learned how to use them.  Since Sherri wanted to take the classes, I went ahead and joined her and I really had fun. I also learned a number of things, which will help make doing more with the markers a lot easier. (We can skip past the part of me spending money on a Copic Airbrush system.)

I’ve attached a few of the colorings we did as part of the practice. They are not masterpieces. Many of these were quick and several went unfinished so that we could keep up with the fast pace of the class. It was not overwhelming, but you could not spend an hour on an image to make it perfect. I think a number of the images turned out decent for my first go. Fortunately, we got two copies of each image to go back later and practice with some more.

Blending Colors

Copic-flowerFor the classes, we were given a number of line art images to color as we practiced certain techniques. One of the big advantages of alcohol markers is their ability to blend, so that was one of the things we were practicing.  I used five or six colors to blend the petals of the flower.

There are several ways to blend (flicking color with quick strokes, going over the paper with different colors, really saturating the paper, tip to tip color transfers, using paint trays like you might with watercolors, …) The markers really are versatile.

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