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Kansas City, Missouri’s Historic West Bottoms includes a lot of different shops and activities. They have a First Festival Weekend event the first Friday of the month. In February, I will be taking part in the Second Annual Books in the Bottoms Event. with a lot of other Great Authors.

The event takes place at a number of the West Bottoms’ shops and restaurants on Friday and Saturday. Authors will be located at different shops during the event, so check the schedule in the press release below. Come out and visit some of the unique shops, get a bite to eat, and have fun!

If you will be looking for me, I’ll be at the following locations:

Hope to see you there!

Here is the press release:

Books in the Bottoms

Upcoming Events

An old friend

Ren FaireIt is with a great deal of sadness that I have to say I will not be at the KC Ren Fest this year as a vendor. Over the last few years, I have been helping out Samantha in her booth at the Faire and as part of that, I had tucked my books into a corner for people to buy.

The change this year is because Samantha has moved to Texas. In doing so, she has sold her both at Faire. Alas, I no longer have a place out there to spend my time (and offer my books for sale).

I do intend to come out as a patron at least once or twice. I’ve made an appearance at that Ren Fest every year for a couple of decades, so the year just wouldn’t be right if I missed the Faire entirely. Plus, I have too many people I need to visit with for a while, even if I won’t make it out there most weekends, I’ll make it out a couple of times.


However, all is not lost. If you are interested in picking up the latest book or just chatting with me, I have two more upcoming events on the calendar this year and I will be doing several events next year (both of the local Comic Cons as well as Smallville).

We Are Still Batman at Elite Comics

We are still BatmanWilliam at Elite Comics is always a great guy and a wonderful person. He loves to help out artist, authors, and creators and invites them to his big parties. On 26 Sep 2015, from 10 am to 6 pm, he’s having another big event with food, entertainment, lots of creators, and of course comics. Don’t miss the We Are Still Batman event!

Even if you are not into comics, come out and have some fun.  It is an easy way to get a taste of Comic Con without having to buy a ticket.

Lansing’s Fall Festival and Craft Show

This year Lansing has changed the name of the show from Autumn in the Grove.  They don’t have much up yet on a website, but the event is on 10 Oct 2015 and starts at 10 am and goes until 5 pm. This year, they plan to have it at Angle Falls Trail, which is located behind St. Francis de Sales Church. I’ll update this page with links if they get a webpage posted.

One of your favorite locations?

If there is someplace you really want to see me attend, let me know and I’ll try to work it into my schedule. No guarantees, but I have added a couple events I now do regularly because someone suggested it.