He likes the mares!

Our big boy, Dollar “The Scholar”, can charm a carrot out of most people’s hands.  He’s always (almost) been calm and mild-mannered.  However, a few years back, we had a summer of unusual behavior.  I’ll write it off as a midlife crisis, only he didn’t have the chance to go out and buy a fancy new automatic feed dispensing unit (he’s not into cars).

Wooded fence by a laneWe were boarding him at another barn and his stall window was looking out at the mare’s pasture.  It had looked out at the mares pasture for a number of years, but something that spring had set him off and one day, he just went crazy in his stall: constantly calling out to the mares, pacing, and generally trying to get out any way he could.  You would have thought he was a stallion by the way he was acting.  However, his original owners gelded him many years earlier because he showed no interest in the mares.

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Our Big Guy–where’s my carrot?

our horse dollarDollar “The Scholar” is our Big Guy, a Woolly Bear in winter, and sometimes goes by less pleasant names…but we can’t help but love him.  He’s always looked out for us; protecting us when riding or on the ground, so returning the favor is the least we can do for him.

This year, he’ll be 24 years old.  He doesn’t look his age, which is good, but turning 24 is also scary (so we won’t go any further on that topic).

He’s been retired for a number of years because of his legs, but some days you’d never know it the way he runs around and plays with the other geldings.  On the other days, (often after he’s been romping around) he definitely moves a bit slower, but he’s always happy to see us. Continue reading