He likes the mares!

Our big boy, Dollar “The Scholar”, can charm a carrot out of most people’s hands.  He’s always (almost) been calm and mild-mannered.  However, a few years back, we had a summer of unusual behavior.  I’ll write it off as a midlife crisis, only he didn’t have the chance to go out and buy a fancy new automatic feed dispensing unit (he’s not into cars).

Wooded fence by a laneWe were boarding him at another barn and his stall window was looking out at the mare’s pasture.  It had looked out at the mares pasture for a number of years, but something that spring had set him off and one day, he just went crazy in his stall: constantly calling out to the mares, pacing, and generally trying to get out any way he could.  You would have thought he was a stallion by the way he was acting.  However, his original owners gelded him many years earlier because he showed no interest in the mares.

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