Writing Tip: Keeping positive

Glass Half EmptyIn my last writing tips article, I talked about that long slow period you might encounter at a show. This week I wanted to offer some suggestions at how to stay positive if things have gotten you down. I know, that is kind of an odd article to come from me. After all, I coined the phrase:

The glass is not only half-empty, the water is dirty.

By nature, I’m usually more of a realist, not an optimist. However, I have learned how to find the positive in things if I take the time to do so.

With that in mind, here are a few tips that may help you remain positive, be it at an event or anytime you are writing or trying to do get something done.

1. Avoid the trap of worrying about something that has not happened yet

Unless it is inevitable—like being in an out of control car sliding toward the edge of the bridge—things may not turn out as badly as you fear. Which means you don’t want to waste your time now lamenting a tragedy before it has occurred. Do not become paralyzed with fear, instead, use the time to your advantage.

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