Event: We’re Still Batman Day

We are still BatmanHeading over to the We’re Still Batman Day.  It is from 1000-1800 (6pm) at Elite Comics.

Come on out and experience a mini-con!

11842 Quivira Rd, Overland Park, Kansas 66210
To borrow from the facebook event:

A huge all day party to express our love of all things Batman! Come by for a huge comic book street party! Artists, vendors, food trucks, music, massive sidewalk sale costume contest and more! Tell your friends, take the day off and get your gravelly voice ready..We’re STILL Batman Day is coming! The event will be held at the shop located at 11842 Quivira rd in Overland Park Kansas.

Comic Artist Larry Stroman!
Comic Artist Erica Batton!
Comic Writer CW Cooke!
Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger will be collecting donations!
Kansas City Comic Con will be on site!
Comic Artist Damont Jordan!
Artist Leeanne Krecic!
Artist Iryna Stroganova!
Worst Comic Podcast Ever will be on the scene!
Author Brian W. Peterson!
Author Thaddeus Nowak!
Barefoot Sewing!
Artist Arie Monroe!


Upcoming Events

An old friend

Ren FaireIt is with a great deal of sadness that I have to say I will not be at the KC Ren Fest this year as a vendor. Over the last few years, I have been helping out Samantha in her booth at the Faire and as part of that, I had tucked my books into a corner for people to buy.

The change this year is because Samantha has moved to Texas. In doing so, she has sold her both at Faire. Alas, I no longer have a place out there to spend my time (and offer my books for sale).

I do intend to come out as a patron at least once or twice. I’ve made an appearance at that Ren Fest every year for a couple of decades, so the year just wouldn’t be right if I missed the Faire entirely. Plus, I have too many people I need to visit with for a while, even if I won’t make it out there most weekends, I’ll make it out a couple of times.


However, all is not lost. If you are interested in picking up the latest book or just chatting with me, I have two more upcoming events on the calendar this year and I will be doing several events next year (both of the local Comic Cons as well as Smallville).

We Are Still Batman at Elite Comics

We are still BatmanWilliam at Elite Comics is always a great guy and a wonderful person. He loves to help out artist, authors, and creators and invites them to his big parties. On 26 Sep 2015, from 10 am to 6 pm, he’s having another big event with food, entertainment, lots of creators, and of course comics. Don’t miss the We Are Still Batman event!

Even if you are not into comics, come out and have some fun.  It is an easy way to get a taste of Comic Con without having to buy a ticket.

Lansing’s Fall Festival and Craft Show

This year Lansing has changed the name of the show from Autumn in the Grove.  They don’t have much up yet on a website, but the event is on 10 Oct 2015 and starts at 10 am and goes until 5 pm. This year, they plan to have it at Angle Falls Trail, which is located behind St. Francis de Sales Church. I’ll update this page with links if they get a webpage posted.

One of your favorite locations?

If there is someplace you really want to see me attend, let me know and I’ll try to work it into my schedule. No guarantees, but I have added a couple events I now do regularly because someone suggested it.

Smallville Comiccon

This weekend is coming up fast and I will be at Smallville Comiccon June 20th and 21st!Smallville-comicon-KatrinaLawWhen I was at Planet Comicon earlier this year, a number of the other authors there spoke very highly of Smallville and so I am really looking forward to the show.  It’s not too far away—just a short drive to Hutchinson Kansas—and there will be several celebrities (Billy Dee Williams, Katrina Law, Lee Meriwether, …) well as a number of artist and creators (Rick Stasi, Neo Edmund, …).

And at 3pm on Sunday, I will be part of a Writer’s panel.

If you are in the area, come out and partake of the fun!


Planet Comicon 2015

I am happy to announce that I will again be at Planet Comicon this year!  My table is booked!

I find this to be one of the best shows around, and not just because it is local.  It has really been growing in leaps and bounds over the last few years and I think this year will be another great show.  This is the third year in Bartle Hall (having grown out of its prior location) and they will again be adding more floor space (and food locations).Planet Comicon

As you can see from the image above, there are some top name guests and artist who will be present.  Definitely check out the Planet Comicon website for a complete list and any potential changes.

I’m really look forward to the fun and hope to see everyone there!

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

Zona Rosa Barnes & NobleGreat news everyone, I’ll be at the Zona Rosa Barnes & Noble store on Saturday,18 Oct 20014 from 1:30 pm to about 3:30 pm!  Come out for several great activities this weekend.

The Saturday events include:

  • Wonders of Science Demonstrations
  • Clifford Visit
  • Hands-On Learning: ZOOB Building and Modeling
  • Educator Private Shopping
  • My Book Signing (of course)

Hope to see everyone there!

Autumn in the Grove — event

Autumn in the Grove directoryOn Saturday, 11 Oct 2014, Lansing is having their 9th annual Autumn in the Grove event.  Unfortunately, the primary location is underwater, but they have a backup location (City Hall / Community center) at 800 1st Terrace, Lansing, Ks.  The event runs from 11am to 5pm.

Great part, attendance is free!

I’ve attached a copy of the directory where all the vendors and musicians will be at.  There will be fun for all, including pumpkin decorating, a chainsaw carving demonstration, Operation Wildlife, food, drink, goodies to buy, and Hallie Rose will be performing.  I of course will be ready to chat with anyone who wants to come by and visit.

On Sunday, I’ll be back at the KC Ren Fest helping in booth #531.  This will be the last weekend this season for the Ren Fest, so don’t miss it.

Below is an image of the flooded grove in case you wanted to see what all the rain lately has done (it is also making my lawn grow).

Flooded Grove

Comic Con: Women Dominate?

Chicago Comic Con 2014This year I had a table at Wizard World’s Chicago Comic Con.  I enjoyed the Con, met a lot of great people, and made several very good contacts.  (I also bought stuff.)  On Saturday there were over 100k people who attended.

I started doing comic conventions this year with Planet Comicon in Kansas City, which set attendance records for Bartle Hall this year.  That was also an excellent show and I definitely intend to do Planet again in 2015.

While fantasy novels are not exactly an exact plugin for a comic book convention, there is a lot of overlapping interests and I will likely also do another Wizard World show next year as well.


From these cons and other related events, I did want to mention one item I’ve been noticing: I am seeing more and more women attending.  And not just as someone who is there because of someone else.  In fact, I would say that I saw more women in the Artist Alley section of Chicago’s Comic Con than I saw men.  Granted, that is not a scientific polling by any stretch of the imagination, but I saw ladies across all age spectrums from young to … more senior.  I saw people of numerous backgrounds and interests, but one thing the huge majority had in common was their personal interest in being there.  They were buying art, comics, books, and merchandise of all types.  These attendees are really into the shows and artists and books.  They enjoyed being there!

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Wait…where am I?

Craigs from Thunder PassWow, I have been busy lately.  I really have been meaning to post more, but so far, I have just been managing to get my weekly Owin episodes out.  Here is a quick update on what I’ve been doing, as well as what I am going to be doing.

First, last week I spent hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We put in just over 46 miles on trails over the course of four days.  The first day we broke a personal record, doing 18 miles round-trip (which included darn near 4k foot of elevation gain).

That trip was from Lawn Lake Trail head, up past Lawn Lake, and onto The Saddle.  On the way back, we took a mile side trip to Crystal Lake, which is thought to be the deepest lake in the park.  I must say, it was amazing up there.  It was also a bit of work doing this hike.  I live around 850 ft above sea level.  The Saddle is at 12,390 feet, so there is a bit less air at that height than what I am used to, but the views were amazing and the effort worth it.  Plus, the wild flowers were spectacular (and last week wasn’t even the height of the season, I think we missed it by a week or so).

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