World History

Stephenie’s Father’s Coat-of-arms – part 2 of 5

Hi, Stephenie again. Yesterday I mentioned a few members of my family, including my great, great, great-grandfather, King Stemin. It is through his father that my family still holds the throne and so we keep the black wolf as a symbol of the family name.

We have one painting of him, though candle and fireplace soot has made it so dark you can barely make out his rakish grin. My father said there were stories of him sailing the Sea and leaping from the crosstree of the fore mast because he was told he couldn’t do it. My father also said, he nearly killed himself three-time before he manged to finally clear all the rigging and land in the water. It was a good thing he had priests to heal him.

I wish I had known him and his “pig-headed” stubbornness. I’m told I’ve got the same problem, but I want to go on record as saying I do listen to everyone, but sometimes I just have to do what I know I must.

Have you ever managed to pull off something no one felt was possible?

– Stephenie