World History

Stephenie’s Father’s Coat-of-arms – part 3 of 5

Ted’s given me the whole week to talk and today I wanted to mention my grandmother Kara, from my father’s side, for whom, my oldest sister was named. My Grandmother died when she was young; just twenty-eight, which frighteningly enough is Henton’s age. My father was ten years old at the time, but she had already arranged for his marriage to my mother. I’ll leave that out for now, since I don’t feel like digging into those painful thoughts.

Queen Kara was very pretty. I often stared at the painting of her hanging along the grand stairs of the square keep. She was standing in a very elegant green dress. Some of my older sisters said I was wrong, but I could swear the artist painted riding boots under her dress. Father said she was very proper, but could put any man in his place. I never met her, but I think I would have liked her.

She was born in Esland, which borders the Endless Sea; however, her mother and grandfather came from Calis, which is to our north and on the Sea of Tet. The ironic thing is that my older sister Kara, named for my Grandmother, married the Crown Prince of Esland. Seems everywhere I look, there is some tie back to our family in some way. Unfortunately for Kara, this ironic fate ended badly, for she was killed by Senzar invaders, which lead to my father and brother going off to war.

Has anything particularly ironic happened to you? If so, how did it turn out?

– Stephenie