KC Ren Fest 2013 — First Two Weekends

I had a great time at KC Ren Fest this weekend.  I was not able to make it out very long the first weekend (other commitments), but I helped Sam and Joe (my sister-in-law and my brother) at their booth yesterday and today.  She has fantasy art and Enchanted Names (her art work that she’ll customize for you) for sale.  You can check out what she has to offer at and her booth number at faire is 531

What’s more, I have copies of Mother’s Cures and Daughter’s Justice in the shop.  So, if you are in the KC area and have a taste for the renaissance, come out.  You can get signed copies of either book in her booth and on several of the weekends, I will be out there in person, such as next Saturday, 14 Sep 2013.  (Which should hopefully be 20 degrees cooler than the last two weekends; I wore a kilt the last two days it was so hot.)

It was good to talk with several people I met in prior years and I hope to see more of you this year and in years to come.