What do I want?

Gift Box
Image by FutUndBeidl

I am terrible to shop for.  I know it.  And I hate the dreaded question: “What do you want?”

I know why I have trouble answering that question: I don’t tend to want much in the way of little things.

Sure, I have a fairly wide range of geekdoms and I do like a number of things.  It’s just that most of what I want is not cheap and the things that are expensive, I don’t have time to really enjoy.

I seem to remember as a kid wanting more material things, but as an adult, what I want tends to be more intrinsic things that you can’t buy (unless you are really rich and own a few politicians).  Perhaps I’ve just grown boring.  Perhaps not.

Even looking to buy some things for myself, I was scouring sites like ThinkGeek looking for things I might want.  I found several things that were cool and really neat, but I really couldn’t find something I really needed.  I did buy a couple of things (I had money I had to spend there) but I don’t know how long my attention span will last for them.  Which means I’ll have to find a place to store them and they’ll just collect dust.

I’d love to get a Raspberry Pi, but I don’t have the hours and hours of time would need to dedicate to playing with it.  And I would definitely play with it.  I’m thinking radio controlled drone programmed to …

I have a number of daggers and a few swords.  I even have an old English long bow.  I do like blades and medieval weapons.  However, I probably don’t need anymore (though I’d really love a Ulfberht sword).  Or a viking long ship.  Oh, really any tall ship would do.  But, I live in Kansas, and while I could pillage up and down the rivers with a long ship, I don’t have the time.  (I’d rather be writing about pillaging up and down rivers instead).

Hobby wise, I love hiking and do enjoy photography.  The hiking really can’t be given as a gift and the lens I want costs well over a grand, so … not likely gift ideas.

TrebuchetIt really gets hard to answer the question of “what do you want?” when you don’t know yourself.

However, if someone was going to buy me something…I did see this trebuchet the last time we took a trip to the UK.  I would not say no to that.