Map of the countries around the Sea of Tet

This is a large map (a couple of MB for the full image if you follow the link), but I know some people are very interested in maps and other details about fantasy worlds.  I have had the map printed on poster board and will have the 2’x3′ image with me at Planet Comicon coming up this March 14th-16th. (I hope to see some of you there, it will be a perfect change to get the new Daughter’s Revenge signed!)

Sea of Tet, as of 25 Feb 2014The Heirs of Cothel Series takes place across a number of countries on the western side of Tet and later books in the series will have the characters traveling north.

There are a number of significant features in this part of the world.  Several of these aspects may appear in the Heirs of Cothel Series as well as other stories I intend to write in this setting.

A couple of items to note:

  • The mountain range that is referred to as the Rim Mountains has isolated this section of the world from other parts of it.  Around the Sea of Tet, humans have ruled and lived for hundreds of years, having driven the elves out of what had been their homeland into the Rim Mountains (which serve to further isolate the humans around Tet).
  • Many of the countries around Tet are in a temperate climate zone.  The further north one goes, the more tundra and arctic the landscape.  Along parts of the norther border of the landmass, sea ice does not always melt each year.
  • The Lost Kingdoms are what is left after a series of countries collapsed from internal and external strife.  Mostly the eastern side of the map is ruled by warlords and people declaring themselves “prince”.  Quite a bit of pirate activity comes out of the islands in that area.