• Snow Cat's Shadow Cover

    New Release: Snow Cat’s Shadow

    The first book in a new series I have had Snow Cat’s Shadow bouncing around in my head for several years now. My biggest challenge had been scaling this epic story down into novel size chunks. Over the last 12…

  • Queen of Ista cover image

    New Release: Queen of Ista

    A new book featuring Stephenie The last 12 months have flown by, but I’ve not been idle. In fact, I’ve got two new novels releasing on the same day! (28/29 Feb 2024 depending on time zone.) I have a new…

  • Events

    Planet Comicon 2019

    Yesterday I loaded into Planet Comicon for their 20th Anniversary. Last year I did not do that many events and I had forgotten the thrill and excitement that a big event can bring. Seeing the floor, still in a mad…

  • Dollar,  writing


    Changes This last year has seen a lot of changes. Some good, some bad, some just different. It has brought me growth and at the same time held me back. So with that rather vague introduction, let me break down…

  • Events

    Planet Comicon, here I come

    Planet Comicon Planet Comicon starts on Friday and I have to say I am really excited! It is the first big event I am doing this year and I have missed hanging out with the crowd of very talented authors, artists,…

  • Map of Cothel

    Old World Maps

    Old World Style Maps It took a bit of time, but I finished my first old world style map! It shows far more detail of Cothel than my original maps and I actually had a lot of fun making it…

  • Events

    Planet Comicon 2016

    I had a great time at Planet Comicon this year! It was a real pleasure to meet so many new people as well as connecting with existing fans who wanted to get the next book in the series. As this…