Owin #47 — Time to deliver the message

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Photo ©Depositphotos.com / Oleksandr Minyaylo
Photo ©Depositphotos.com / Oleksandr Minyaylo

The next morning Gwen and Owin retrieved her clothing, further transforming her from a scrawny boy into a scrawny servant boy. The vest fit snugly, and in addition to the binding around her chest, helped to mask her femininity. The only bit of apparel that had a somewhat shabby appearance was her shoes. The worn fabric was stretched and stained, but the shoes were serviceable enough for her to use for her role and the lack of time prevented their replacement.

“You can carry an eating dagger, but no other weapons,” Owin said as he handed Gwen a folded piece of parchment and the small dagger she had been carrying since they left Rhyl. “You may get a chance to speak with Lord Walis, but it is more likely that all you will get to do is deliver your message to a steward. If you think you can push the issue and speak to the Lord, do it, but don’t risk yourself.”

“I understand,” Gwen said, slipping the wax sealed parchment into a pocket inside the vest. “And the parchment is only to be used in case I can’t speak with Lord Walis.  I won’t tell the steward anything directly.”

“Yes. The less written proof we leave, the better.” Owin smiled. “And if they decide to hold you, they can expect a visit from me. So don’t start to panic, okay?”

Gwen returned Owin’s smile, but her’s held more confidence. “I have complete faith in you.” She could tell her statement did more to worry Owin than reassure him. “I mean it, Owin. I won’t panic.”

“Good.” Owin handed Gwen several small coins. “And after you deliver the message, you need to go to one of the three public houses we passed yesterday. If they have someone follow you, I don’t want them trailing you back to this room.”

“I will wait at the public house until you come and get me. If you don’t, then I go to the next one and wait. I definitely don’t come back here until you come and get me.”

Owin nodded his head. “Exactly.”

Gwen reached out and put her hand on Owin’s arm. “I will be fine, Owin. Really. I am ready for this. I won’t let you down.” She watched as a smile crossed his lips; this time, it held more warmth than his prior ones had.

“I believe you. I just want to make sure nothing goes wrong.” He shrugged, “Which is not possible, so I guess I should just quit worrying and get on with this and sort out the details as they come.”

“Yes,” Gwen said, with a small laugh in her voice. She knew the longer they waited, the more Owin would torment himself. “I’m ready to go. Let’s get the message to Lord Walis and get things moving in our favor.”

Owin laughed as well. “Can’t argue with you, can I?”

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