Campaign Log: 1.12 – Escape from Gemma’s Wondrous Cave

Campaign Log

Gemma's CaveDue to a lack of time, this will be an abbreviated version of “Last Wednesday at Pawn & Pint.”

Let’s see, people moved, spells where thrown, weapons used, blood split, and enemies died.

I believe that sums it up.

Okay, that was faster than I expected. I guess I have a little more time left. So a couple more details.

The party, having realized they may not be fully prepared to explore an underground city, decided to return to the surface for supplies. On the way back through the natural caves, they disturbed a nest of giant spiders where a couple people got all sticky and Unferth found his tolerance for poison was just barely enough.

When they got back to the place they left Simon and Ishen, Simon had gone out to watch the area outside of the caves and now Ishen was hearing activity in the outer cave (they had piled up stones to conceal the narrow horizontal passage between the cave they were in and the outer cave).

They carefully checked and discovered a group of Senzar searching through the outer cave. Howl and Gemma turned themselves, Unferth, and Rowan invisible. Then, with Wilby, who was using his own natural skill for remaining silent, they crept into the outer cave to deal with the Senzar.

Rowan, cunningly moved to the mouth of the cave and waited for the best time to strike. The others took advantage of surprise and started the Murder Hobo process of eliminating the Senzar.

Gemma managed to avoid most of the attention by using her gift to convince the Senzar that she looked like one of them.

The others found the Senzar soldiers easy enough to deal with, but the warlock utilized a lot of powerful spells against them, many crossing over several disciplines. Then the second Senzar warlock, who was outside the caves, came inside at the sound of the noise and Rowan managed a devastating back-stab that helped to turn the tide in their favor.

In the end, the first Senzar mage disappeared (turned invisible), but the others were left slain across the vast expanse of the outer cave.

Concern that the missing warlock would bring friends (and then perhaps find the entrance to the underground city) caused some disagreements in the party, but the overall consensus was that they needed to vacate the area and resupply before returning to find whatever mysteries lay hidden in the depths of the lost city.