Campaign Log: 1.07 – Arrangement of Death

Campaign Log

GevtonThe adventure continued last Wednesday at Pawn & Pint. Rocks had been acquired, but those who were looking for the party to provide swords were not fooled. In fact, several members of the party had grown worried that they had made some powerful enemies and death might be a real threat.

With the City Watch departing to leave the holy warriors to deal with the body hanging from the rafters in the barn, Wilby joins the others from where he had been watching. Immediately he suggests:

It may be time to arrange your deaths.

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Campaign Log: 1.06 – A box of rocks

Campaign Log

Campaign MapThe prior Wednesday at Pawn & Pint a portion of the party almost turned pirate. The temptation remained great, but with none of them actually knowing how to sail a ship, the odds were stacked against them. Instead, they turned the ship and goods over to The Crown and to Felis.

Last Wednesday, in the sixth session of the campaign, we will see how much attention the team has drawn to themselves. If they have gained the notice of powerful people, what is likely to be the result?

Additionally, without Iolaus’ moral compass to steer them along a path to honor Felis, what other trouble might they see. The holy warriors’ abandonment might make room in the party for a barbarian pirate more familiar with the god Denar.

The night Howl, Gemma, and Simon drop off the ship, Wilby and Rowan manage to make it back into Antar and the party is able to rest in their normal accommodations, either in the temple’s barracks, or The City Watches’ barracks. The sailors from The Urkack that went free use the money they took from the ship and find a nice room in the city.

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Campaign Log: 1.05 – They turn pirate?

Campaign Log

Campaign MapWe returned to the adventure last Wednesday at Pawn & Pint. That night, there was a Paint and Take event where you could pick an unpainted miniature, paint it, and take it home. I know a couple members of the party took advantage of that.

In the fifth session of the campaign we will see if some of the party turns rogue and decides to become pirates on the high seas. The temptation is great, but then again, so are the risks.

As the party returns from Elinart, minus the formidable Iolaus, they reach the small city of Ivar that sits just a couple miles north of Antar. Ivar straddles the Uthen River, with most of the city actually to the south of the river above the flood plain. While Antar sits high on the rocky cliffs overlooking The Sea of Tet, Ivar is in the Uthen River valley and much closer to the sea level.Merchants will send their goods down the river to be unloaded at Ivar and then transported to Antar, where the deeper harbor has not with debris from the river.

The small city prospers as merchants will send their goods down the Uthen to be unloaded at Ivar and then transported to Antar, where the river dela has not filled the harbor with debris. North of the river valley, the formidable cliffs overlooking The Sea of Tet resume.

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Campaign Log: 1.04 – No one dies

Campaign Log

Campaign MapThe Pawn & Pint again hosted the fourth session of the campaign on Wednesday. While no one died, an existential crisis has befallen one of the group and many others are questioning the side they are fighting for.

We rejoined the party as they finished loading the severed heads of the bandits into a cart and returned to Antar with a single hostage (a.k.a. Julia the new Felis convert). The journey was uneventful (aside from questioning if they had a proper number of heads, as it would not be good to arrive with too few or too many).

They arrived in Antar well after dark and reported to the respective commanders. Iolaus provides a detailed summary of the events to Lord Artest and hands over the token they found on the leader of the bandits, which Julia said was a man named Samual. Lord Artest recognizes it as belonging to Lord Alistar Burdger. The presence of the token is worrying, but Artest is unwilling to accuse a member of Duke Burdger’s family, even if Lord Alistar is just a first cousin, once removed.

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Campaign Log: 1.03

Campaign Log

We rejoined the campaign on Wednesday at Pawn & Pint.

The party is scattered around the northwest corner of the manor house. They successfully took down four men who had been trying to approach them under cover. One of the men was so muscular that he appeared to be wearing armor.

Two additional members of the Antar Watch, who had been with the party all along, but had spent last week guarding the rear, heard the noise of combat and had already rushed up the embankment and through the gap in the wall. They arrive at the manor house just as the last of the four bandits falls.

Andrew, a young shepherd from the hills, who hopes to hide his unnatural connection with nature from the world, rushed forward and tried to break through the service door at the northwestern corner of the manor. Unfortunately, he lacked the necessary strength and the door held. Simon, an experienced soldier, joined the effort, and together they forced open the door. Luck was on their side and the crossbow bolt fired by a man behind a wall of debris and rubble flew past the two of them and went harmlessly into the night.

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Campaign Log: 1.02

Campaign Log

We returned the campaign on Wednesday, Jul 5th, at Pawn & Pint. The room, as normal, was filled with people playing numerous games, including a D&D session with at least 11 players.

Last week, we left the adventurers fresh off a successful first assignment. Iolaus, Howl, and Gemma turned over the prisoners, weapons, armor, and money to Lord Artest, their Holy Warrior commander. Wilby and Rowan reported back to The Guard, having found themselves a little wealthier for the coins they happened to find.

With a report of more bandits at an abandoned manor house to the west, Lord Artest asked Iolaus to once again gather his team to investigate. He suggests starting with the only manor he knows of that might fit the description: Lord Tarin’s manorial home.

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Campaign Log: 1.01

Campaign Log

Map of CothelOn Wednesday, Jun 28th, we started a new campaign based on a period of time just before the start of Mother’s Curse. I really enjoyed meeting the five other people that joined this session at Pawn & Pint, which I might add was filled with many other groups having a great time. I am looking forward to next Wednesday for the second session.

Some minor spoilers beyond this point

Late in the year 434…

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D&D 5e Campaign Set Before the Books

Running the D&D Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons DiceI mentioned previously that I am planning to run a 5th Edition D&D campaign set in my world. I will be doing this at Pawn & Pint, a great game shop in Kansas City.

This post will outline the rules for the campaign as well as give some back story for the world. I will warn you now, there will be some minor spoilers in the back story, so stop reading if you want to avoid those. However, those spoilers are not directly related to the characters in the stories, just the world.

I will use this post to lay the framework for what kinds of character races, classes, and rules will apply to the campaign as well as set the initial stage for the players.

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Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition, Thoughts So Far

Dungeons & Dragons Initial Thoughts

ArchwayWell, I’ve had a week to look through the Player’s Handbook so that I could learn the differences between the 5th Edition and my tried and true 2nd Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. I can say that some of the changes I really like. Others, I am not so certain of yet.

For instance, a number of items are simplified. The stats all have the same modifieds, the experience and level progression are the same for all character classes, and saving throws and ability checks have fewer rules and types. Some things such as advantage and disadvantage (where you roll two dices and take either the higher or lower of the two values) have a subtle brilliance to them.

Other items, like healing all your hitpoint damage after a “long rest,” or what is an 8-hour break, seems to be an over simplification. If you are cut up with slashes and punctures or your bones are broken, a night of rest won’t return a person to being whole again. There are other rules for getting back hitpoints for just an hour of rest. I understand the reasons behind such a change in the rules, it brings Dungeons & Dragons in-line with computer and console games of today where a health is relatively easy to recover. Playing out long days of slowly healing or having characters die frequently or having to constantly stop to use healing magic is not that attractive for some. I’m just not sure I like that change so much. Of course, as a DM, I could put in house rules to limit such healing if I wanted.

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Dungeons & Dragons … 5th Edition?

Dungeons & Dragons DiceDungeons & Dragons

I have had a love affair with Dungeons & Dragons for my whole life. I grew up with friends who had the first edition. I have a full shelf of D&D books and modules, mostly Advanced D&D and 2nd Edition Advanced D&D. I played regularly at that time (the wear on the dice in the picture has been well earned). I had invested loads of money and time into what I owned before I was even out of high school.

After school, the members of my regular group drifted apart. I tried a couple of other groups, but never really resumed regular play until a few years ago when I started playing on-line with one of my original group. Using Skype and video sharing, we’ve been able to get together around once a week, even when he’s half-way around the planet.

But, we still play 2nd Edition, and honestly, I had no intention of upgrading to new version of Dungeons & Dragons. I had learned the rules of 2nd Edition, we created house rules that fixed the things we didn’t like, and expanded what we did. We both have the same set and it all just works.

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