Campaign Log: 1.24 – Free at Last

Campaign Log

Map of CothelLast Wednesday at Pawn & Pint the party was joined by a new barbarian who agreed to help Erik free Jessica, as long as the thief would pay back the five gold he owed her. For those that want to go to the beginning, here is the post that started this campaign.

The action picked up with a very injured Unferth heading out of the small store to find a safe place to recover while the others continued to try and free Jessica (fortunately, we have a new stand-in barbarian for the night).

Tyr had locked herself behind a wall and now faced a multitude of people on her own (or at least with an injured and weaponless Jessica at her back in a cage).

Wilby, Rowan, and Quai had a 7’x7′ stone wall standing over the top of pit blocking their way to the north there Tyr had gone.

Cynder remained in the shop to watch for trouble.

And Erik, out in the street, brought in a friend named Kava, a barbarian from far away who simply wanted her money back.

Back underground, Tyr summoned a cloud of specters as she met three men on the other side of the door. In the process, she takes some damage, hurts all three of the thieves in turn. The large room to the north appears to be a torture chamber and office.

Hide OutRowan and Wilby notice that the wall is fairly unstable as the stone was sucked up out of the floor, leaving a pit below it. Together, with the help of Quai, they manage to push the wall enough that it falls into the pit, scratching Rowan in the process.

Outside, Erik and Kava burst into a small shop across the street from the one where Cynder stood watch. recognizing one of Hector’s men running the shop, the two of them take out a pair of thieves guarding what Erik hopes is another route into the underground lair.

Tyr continues to fight the men in the torture room with her magic as Rowan and Quai come up behind her. Unfortunately for the two of them, Tyr’s magic starts harming members of her party.  The three of them move into the room and continue to fight the guards who had held Jessica.

Wilby, staying outside of the cloud of spectral spirits, frees Jessica from the cage and escorts her back out of the way they came in.

Kava and Erik find a trapdoor and a ladder going down into a dark room. Kava climbs down to find a small pack of mastiffs guarding the room. One of them bites her, but she quickly wins them over to her with her magnetic personality.

On the other side of the locked door, Tyr, Quai, and Rowan kill the three men.  Rowan and Tyr go to the door on the west while Tyr moves her cloud of harmful specters away from her two party members.

Rowan and Quai unlock the door and burst into the bedroom to find a man and woman who had been hiding inside. The two thieves that were hiding out immediately attack Rowan and Quai. They end up killing the man, but the woman surrenders before she is killed. On his way out, Rowan locks her in the cell.

Tyr opens the east door and her specters fly into the room, killing all five of the dogs instantly. This angers Kava and Erik, who are also both suffering damage as well. However, Tyr does not drop her magic, even after Erik asks for it to stop. This leads to a bit of a confrontation between Kava and Tyr. Of which both survive, but there is little love lost between the two of them.

Upstairs, Cynder finds himself faced with a couple of enforcers. Magic ends the confrontation with the two men dying.

While Quai and Tyr (who finally dropped her magic) search the larger storage room, Rowan and Kava examine the smaller vault to the south, next to the stairs going out. The two of them walk away with a sizable sum of coins while Quai and Tyr hall off a couple of casks of wine from the storage room.

They all regroup at in the shop, Erik and Jessica are relieved the other is alive and the two of them plan to leave town as soon as possible.

Fearing city guards and the crime lord, the rest of the party disappears into the city to hide for the night so they can leave as soon as the gates are opened in the morning.