Campaign Log: 1.25 – A Midnight Party

Campaign Log

Map of CothelLast Wednesday at Pawn & Pint the party fled Vantar because of the destruction they had left behind. Though, perhaps their quick and quiet getaway was neither quick nor particularly quiet. For those that want to go to the beginning, here is the post that started this campaign.

We resume the session with several members of the party wanting to head south toward the mountains and the border with Comir, since they already know that Comir is itching to send over invaders. However, Tyr wants to get the steel from the cage, and so while the rest of the party leaves the city and waits for her, she goes to the guardhouse and tries to negotiate the release of the stolen goods into her custody. In the end, she does manage to sway one guard to help her steal the evidence. The trouble is, it takes about half the day to get the cage and cart out of the city, which puts them behind schedule a bit. Since they have only angered a major crime lord in the city, that shouldn’t represent a problem…right?

They head south on the southern road out of Vantar (since they are unable to navigate the cart off road through the dense forests). Wilby keeps way to the front to look for trouble and Rowan stays to the back. As they get close to camping along the side of the road for the night, Rowan spots a group of men on horse coming down the road. He recognizes the standard of the priests of Felis. A quick warning to the rest of the party is followed by Rowan taking off into the woods, followed by Cynder, Unferth, and Quai also rushing into the woods.

Before long, the soldiers of Felis catch up to the wagon. In this group of soldiers is Master Priest Kern and Lord Trenton (an almost Master Priest). Both the these empowered priests are wearing plate armor. The two priests are accompanied by five soldiers in leather armor. They greet Tyr, who is part of the church of Felis in Vantar, and inquire about where she is going and what happened to the people they saw with the wagon.

Tyr says they are all shy, but that she is heading south to make weapons and armor for soldiers protecting the southern border. She also mentions that she thinks one person she is traveling with might be a witch and is keeping an eye on him.

Wilby, seeing the priests with the wagon heads into the woods, warns Cynder to stay away, and the comes back from his forward position. Master Priest Kern says he is heading south as well because of the rumor of strange events happening. He’d like to share their campsite if he might. To which Tyr agrees happily.

The rest of the party finally turn back up, giving various excuses for their sudden flight into the woods. All except for Cynder, who remains in the woods and away from the rest of the camp.

Master Priest Kern offers to help the party keep watch and they agree. Quai becomes the only party member on the second watch (Tyr has also melded herself into stone for the night).

As Quai is walking his watch with a couple of the soldiers, he is caught by surprise in the back by bolts of white-hot light. The sudden burst of light gives a signal to Master Priest Kern’s men, and as a result, Unferth and Rowan each take a sword wound. Wilby managed to survive his attacker unscathed.

Quai takes a few more hits of white-hot light before he rushes forth to attack Master Priest Kern.

Wilby has better luck than the others as he uses his hand axes to slaughter the man who attacked him. Unfortunately for Wilby, Lord Trenton takes over the place of the dead soldier.

Unferth and Rowan both damage their attackers, but do not manage to kill them.

The battle with the two priests in plate armor continue and after Unferth and Rowan kill their attackers, they rush over and surround Kern. Tyr, roused from her slumber in the stone, joins the battle. However, Kern blasts them all with a thunderous wave of energy, knocking one of them back.

Eventually, Kern falls, through Tyr spares him with a quick spell to avoid him dying.

For Wilby, Cynder has joined the fight and Lord Trenton raises a wall of fire to push Wilby back. The flames also block Cynder and Tyr from seeing him. Cynder lobs more magic over the flaming wall. When Trenton emerges from an opening at the end of his wall, Cynder drops a fireball and Tyr drops a flaming wall around Trenton.

Unferth, moved over to Wilby for healing, with others chase after Trenton. Eventually, Cynder manages to drop Trenton with another blast of magic missiles.

Tyr brings Trenton back to the edge of death and then drags both of the priests to the cage. She strips them and then binds them in the cage where they cannot use their hands. Tyr then revives Kern and begins to interrogate the Master Priest. As it turned out, Kern utilized Hector for certain task and the party’s attack on Hector’s business was an attack on Kern’s interests as well.

Kern asks to be allowed to go, but Tyr has different ideas. Tyr kills Lord Trenton, then raises the body, and orders Trenton to eat Kern’s face off. The two priests in the small cage are bound and can’t make use of their hands, so the zombie’s attack is not effective, but it does force Kern to struggle against the attack.

The rest of the party have a great deal of trouble with this dark turn and several of them move away, leaving Tyr and Quai to stand by watching the result. However, Kern does not need his hands to generate another blast of energy or to heal himself. The attack destroys the undead Trenton and hurts both Quai and Tyr.

Kern again asks to be freed, offering the party money, as his holdings are vast. He warns them that he can’t give them any of his holdings if he were dead. He also offers to rescind the proclamation that they were all witches and warlocks (which he made to the church and others before leaving because of the fire damage done in the city of Vantar).

In the end, the party overrules Tyr’s torture and they give Kern a quick death.

They load up their gear, take the horses, drag the bodies off the road, and head south through the night. They arrive at a small community in the morning, but only Tyr, Unferth, and Quai go into town.

Unferth goe to find a bed and bath as he has been bloodied. A local reeve asks him what happened and Unferth offers a story about traveling with friends and then getting attacked and running away, uncertain where his friends have gone. He begs to be allowed to rest and get cleaned up before having to make a statement. The reeve allows it.

Quai finds the public house and starts getting liquored up, buying the whole town (or at least anyone who comes into the pub a drink).

Tyr announces her presence and starts to look for people who want weapons or armor made. Unfortunately for her, the town is not rich and so she ends up healing people and making tools.

Rowan and Cynder stay with the horses and cart. A few people come by and wonder about what they are doing. Cynder leaves them feeling very comfortable. Which causes the people to head back into town.

Eventually, Wilby rejoins them and suggests they depart. Rowan, having had some rest, heads into town to find Unferth, Quai, and Tyr. He also runs into the reeve and provides a slightly different story of events, but locates Unferth and Quai (Tyr has gone back on her own).

The party, aside from Tyr and the very drunk Quai, head around the outside of the town, while Try and Quai ride the cart down the road announcing their death wish—I mean intended path—to anyone they meet.