Henton’s Family

Henton is the third son, and “a second spare” as he likes to refer to himself.  While he does not hate his family, he has kept only a distant relationship with them stemming from events around his fifteenth birthday.

In Cothel, the oldest male child of a family is required to serve in the army for at least one year.  If a family is willing to provide their son for a two-year commitment, instead of serving in the army, they can serve in the Navy.  To compensate for the extra year, the family will receive a reduction in their taxes.  Any additional sons enlisted in military service result in tax reductions for the family for either one or two years of commitment.

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Elven Wars

More than one thousand years before Stephenie was born, the elves, who ruled the lands around the Sea of Tet, fought a civil war. The battles were bloody and the lands were devastated. Seeing an opportunity, the humans living in the elven cities overthrew the weakened elven empire and drove them far into the Rim mountains that surround the Sea of Tet.

Today, elves are reviled and are not seen in human lands. The animosity between the races is deep.