World History

Henton’s Family

Henton is the third son, and “a second spare” as he likes to refer to himself.  While he does not hate his family, he has kept only a distant relationship with them stemming from events around his fifteenth birthday.

In Cothel, the oldest male child of a family is required to serve in the army for at least one year.  If a family is willing to provide their son for a two-year commitment, instead of serving in the army, they can serve in the Navy.  To compensate for the extra year, the family will receive a reduction in their taxes.  Any additional sons enlisted in military service result in tax reductions for the family for either one or two years of commitment.

Henton’s father, Vern, committed his oldest boy, Earnest, to the army for one year when his son was seventeen years old.  His second, and admittedly favorite son, Philip, he could not risk placing in military service.  However, when Earnest returned to help in the family shop, Henton’s father decided to enlist Henton in the navy for two years to get the largest tax reduction.

This is what put Henton on the path to becoming a Sergeant in the Navy, which eventually led him to meeting Stephenie in Mother’s Curse.

Henton’s immediate family members:

  • Father: Vern, born in year 390 and married at age 14.
  • Mother: Wilma, born in year 390 and married at age 14.
    • Brother: Earnest, born in year 405.
    • Brother: Philip, born in year 406.
    • Henton, born in year 408.
    • Sister: Melisa, born in year 410.