Shhh, We’re Batman Event

Elite ComicsI have a table at Elite Comic’s We’re Batman event!  It is this coming Saturday, 26 Jul 2014, starting at 10am and going to 4pm.

Come out and help us celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary.  There will be food, fun, numerous creators (including myself), and an attempt to set a cosplay world record for the most people in a Batman costume.

The highlights:

  • Huge sidewalk sale!
  • Limited Edition Batman gig poster!
  • Free copies of DC’s Detective #27 souvenir comic!
  • Free Cowls and Capes!
  • DJ keeping the groove movin’!
  • New Batman/Elite T-Shirt!
  • Face Painting!
  • Succotash food truck serving up carnival favorites!

I will be doing autographs and have copies of my novels available.  I also have some give-a-ways myself (bookmarks and copies of my maps).

There will be a tent in the parking lot at: 11842 Quivira Rd, Overland Park, Kansas 66210

If you are in the area, don’t miss the fun!

A New Place to Purchase My Books – Elite Comics

I wanted to let everyone know that Elite Comics (one of the comic book shops that puts on Planet Comicon) is now stocking the Heirs of Cothel Series (Mother’s Curse, Daughter’s Justice, and Daughter’s Revenge).  Stop in some time to check out what they have.  They are at 11842 Quivira in Overland Park, KS.

Everyone there is great and next Saturday (3 My 2014) is free comic book day.  They always have a big event and while I’m not a featured person for the day, I plan to stop by at some point. (I’ll try to tweet/post to Facebook when I am there.)

Learn and Grow – New Covers

Mother's Curse CoverYou may have already noticed a bit of a change on my site and in the Heirs of Cothel Series: New Covers for the books.

I really liked the initial covers, but based on feedback, we realized that the current trends in the industry are to use photo manipulated covers instead of ones that are completely illustrated.  I will show a little bit of age and say that when I was growing up, pretty much every cover was based on a painting or drawing.  It was the heyday of TSR and they had many artists on staff to produce some very remarkable images.

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Photo Contest

For the last part of my blog tour for Mother’s Curse and Daughter’s Justice we are having a photo contest!

Dollar reading Daughter's JusticeAll the blogger and fan support this week has been excellent!  And to say thank you, we are wrapping up things with a chance to win a Kindle Fire or one of two $50 Amazon Gift Cards.

The details can be found on Novel Publicity’s blog.

Just as an example, earlier this year, Dollar was caught reading the back of Daughter’s Justice.  He told me with carrot breath that he really liked it.

Henton’s Family

Henton is the third son, and “a second spare” as he likes to refer to himself.  While he does not hate his family, he has kept only a distant relationship with them stemming from events around his fifteenth birthday.

In Cothel, the oldest male child of a family is required to serve in the army for at least one year.  If a family is willing to provide their son for a two-year commitment, instead of serving in the army, they can serve in the Navy.  To compensate for the extra year, the family will receive a reduction in their taxes.  Any additional sons enlisted in military service result in tax reductions for the family for either one or two years of commitment.

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Daughter’s Justice is Available!

Daughter’s Justice is Available!

Daughter's Justice CoverI am very pleased to announce that you can now get Daughter’s Justice, book 2 in the Heirs of Cothel Series.  It has been a great pleasure to write and I hope everyone will have as much pleasure in reading it.

For a taste of the story, please check out the first three chapters of the book.  Also, if you are not familiar with Stephenie’s story, here is your chance to read Mother’s Curse, the first book in the series.

You can get Daughter’s Justice on Amazon (Paperback or Kindle) as well as at Barnes & Noble.

For even more temptation, watch the book trailer and if you enjoy the story, tell your friends and please leave a review on your favorite site (or all of your favorite sites)!

New website, new book

Here is my new site!  I’m still working on some configurations and tweaking the pages, but I am exited that I now have a more interactive site.  Please feel free to look around and if you want to see anything specific, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Daughter's Justice CoverI’m also really excited about Daughter’s Justice.  Things are wrapping up and hopefully I will be able to provide a firm release date soon.  If everything stays on track, it will be available in March!

Here’s a preview of the cover:

Military service in Cothel

In Cothel, each family is expected to have the first born son server at least one year in the army. As an alternative, the family can enlist the son in the navy for a two year term. Because of the longer period of service, the family will receive a tax credit.

If the family has multiple sons, the additional children can also be enlisted in the army or navy, with additional tax benefits received by the family during the initial period of enlistment.

This practice, which was instituted by Stephenie’s grandfather, King Riton, has provided Cothel a strong military. And because of the relative peace over the last one hundred and twenty years, many families take advantage of the tax savings for multiple children.