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Learn and Grow – New Covers

Mother's Curse CoverYou may have already noticed a bit of a change on my site and in the Heirs of Cothel Series: New Covers for the books.

I really liked the initial covers, but based on feedback, we realized that the current trends in the industry are to use photo manipulated covers instead of ones that are completely illustrated.  I will show a little bit of age and say that when I was growing up, pretty much every cover was based on a painting or drawing.  It was the heyday of TSR and they had many artists on staff to produce some very remarkable images.

Now, while I am still very much a fan of fantasy art, I will concede that today many of the current book series that are very popular have covers with anything from simply graphic design to the photo manipulated to shots from movie scenes.  There are still some illustrated covers out there, but those are becoming fewer and fewer.

Daughter's Justice CoverOne thing that has always amazed me has been those people on reality shows that bring in a consultant to get recommendations about their business and then argue profusely that the consultant is wrong. Yes, it makes for more interesting TV, but I wonder at what all those people are thinking.

To that point, we have listened to the feedback from a number of people and have updated the covers to reflect the current trends.  While I still very much like the originals, I also really like the new ones and I hope all of you will enjoy the change as well.  Of course, I welcome any continued feedback about them or anything else (including which Doctor has the best hair: David Tennant).