Minimalism 2017 Update – Am I still sane?

Frozen woodsIt is has been a couple of weeks since I decided to start my minimalism 2017 challenge. So where am I at in the purge? Have I managed to leave myself with a desolate office? Have I emptied everything from my desk?

The short answer is no. To stay on track to eliminate 2017 items from my life in one year, I need to get rid of a little more than 5.5 items per day.  That was no small task. However, I am roughly on track. As of 16 Jan 2017, I had gotten rid of 89 items. Those items include some old computer parts, quite a few art supplies that I did not expect to use in the next five years, a number of old DVDs I won’t likely watch again, a handful of nick-nacks, a large stack of business cards scanned into the computer, a bunch of old school notes (I didn’t remember taking sociology), and a few miscellaneous items.

The big question is: how do I feel about getting rid of those things? Continue reading

Minimalism 2017 Challenge

Minimalism 2017

Bare wallsSo, in my FB and Twitter post a couple of days ago, I mentioned #minimalism and a challenge that came to me: Can I get rid of 2017 items that I have been holding onto in the year 2017?

Last year I did purge a number of items, but not as many as I thought I would. So, I really wanted to set an aggressive goal for 2017.

What is Minimalism?

Is minimalism like the post picture, bare walls down to studs with a few scraps of life floating around? I will not call myself an expert on Minimalism, but what I have learned is it is different things to different people. It might be living out of a suitcase with less than 60 items, or it may be just reducing the noise in your life to leave only what is important.

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Coming Events – Oct 2016

BooksHard to believe we are getting so close to the end of the year already.  Seems it was just May, then I looked up and we are already in October. Well, here are a couple of coming events I have in the month of October.

First is the Lansing Fall Festival (which had been known as Autumn in the Grove).  This event keeps growing every year and there will be quite a few additional vendors this year compared to last. Come on out this Saturday, October 8th from 10am to 4pm and enjoy the fun.

The last event for October is Elite Comic’s Free Comic Book Day of the Dead!  Elite always throws a great party and there will be a number of great creators there.  Plus, free comics! Don’t miss this event.  This is on October 29th from 10am to 5pm.

Week one of counting calories

Just a quick update on my weight loss.  So far, a week in and I’ve lost close to 3 pounds—woo hoo! That does not mean a great deal. I know the first couple of pounds are the easiest, so this that does not represent any long-term indication of results or progress.

I am also getting to that odd craving phase where I know I can’t eat something because it will blow my calorie numbers, but I am starting to want it. The whole “I haven’t had that in months, it would really taste good right about now” issue. Last week I managed through all of that with success (minus a mini shake from Sonic). I have some low-calorie options to fight those cravings.

So, here’s to starting week two.

Short, fat … not really proud of that

frown, to much weightAnd as it turns out, I’m not actually that short…about average actually. I do have a small frame and always thought of myself as wiry. Perhaps that is why I tend to game as a thief or a druid when I play D&D. But my weight reads as fat.

On Monday the scale plummeted to 85. That repeats for a second time in my life the heaviest value I have ever measured myself.

About 15 years ago, I had hit this point and managed to shed the weight down to 155 (high school skinny as I like to call it or as one Doctor said to the other Doctor, proper skinny). It’s been about 14 years since I kept the scales needle from growing (I wish I had wanted to play the 10th Doctor back then).

Earlier in August I had given up soda and aside from a couple of sips at the movies and one can of Coke, I’ve actually managed to avoid it. However, I know that won’t fix the weight alone.  The last time I dropped to 155, I counted calories and worked out. Eat less than I burn, I lose weight. At least for me. Since then, I’ve really just grown lazy and stopped paying attention. (In case you haven’t heard, food tastes good, and the food that really tastes good tends to make one fat.) Continue reading

Smallville ComicCon

Smallville Comiccon

Smallville ComicCon is upon us (11 and 12 Jun 2016)!

Since 2013, during the summer, Hutchinson Kansas renames itself to Smallville Kansas. It lasts only for a day or two, but during that time, you have a chance to visit Clark Kent’s boyhood town. And if you go to the Smallville ComicCon, you can even get your mail postmarked from Smallville Kansas by the post office.

I had a wonderful time at Smallville last year and I’ve been looking forward to another great event!

Planet Comicon 2016

I had a great time at Planet Comicon this year!

It was a real pleasure to meet so many new people as well as connecting with existing fans who wanted to get the next book in the series. As this was my first big event of the year, it also allowed me to catch up with fellow authors and creators.

Oh yeah, and while I was at Planet, interviewed me:

Thank you again and looking forward to seeing everyone again at the next event!

Planet Comicon

Planet Comicon looks to be another great event this year.  There will be lots of celebrities, including: Stan Lee (the master himself); Jenna Coleman and Arthur Darvill from Doctor Who; and , Sean Maher, and Alan Tudyk from Firefly; and many more.

Numerous creators and artists, including Jason Aaron, CW Cooke, and a ton of others great people.

Writes Kevin Smith, Jim Butcher, Dayton Ward, and Kevin Dilmore (plus many more, including myself) will be there.  (I’m at table 2042.)

Planet Comicon 2016 Map


Free Comic Book Day 2016

Free Comic Book Day at Elite

Elite-Free-Comic-Book-DayWilliam at Elite is having another party and you are all invited! Best part, you can take some free stuff home with you: Comics, food, and cosplay.

Free Comic Book Day is May 7th, starting at 1000 AM.

There will also be lots to buy.  William invites a lot of local creators to show up, so you can talk with many artists and authors.

I will also be there with my table and books. Unfortunately, unless the shipping gods have a sudden spurt of love for me, I won’t have Father’s Legacy there.  But I will have the first four in the series.  Never fear, if you want a signed copy of Book 5, I am booked for three Comicons in the coming months and plan to do additional local events as well.

Father’s Legacy is now available!

Father’s Legacy, book 5 in the Heirs of Cothel series is now available!

Father's Legacy

Driven to the ends of the world…

Princess Stephenie’s pursuit of the murders that threatened the city of Antar took her across numerous countries and has left her with more questions than answers. Her personal quest to protect her family and closest friends exposed deeper connections to her past as well as links to the Senzar mages that invaded her country.

To gain answers to the questions, avoid the Senzar witch chasing her, and stop the man who appears to have set things in motion, she must travel north along the World’s Backbone in search of a country that reportedly shut its borders twenty years earlier. For in that ice-covered country of Ista, she hopes to find the man who might be the reason her magic is so much stronger than anyone else’s. The question is, can she, or any of those with her, survive what she hopes to find? And even if they do, will she ever find a way to recreate a body for Kas?


I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone that helped me get this book finished: Sherri, my wonderful wife, my parents, my brothers and their wives, my editor Judy Reveal, and Mallory Rock for another great cover.