Week one of counting calories

Just a quick update on my weight loss.  So far, a week in and I’ve lost close to 3 pounds—woo hoo! That does not mean a great deal. I know the first couple of pounds are the easiest, so this that does not represent any long-term indication of results or progress.

I am also getting to that odd craving phase where I know I can’t eat something because it will blow my calorie numbers, but I am starting to want it. The whole “I haven’t had that in months, it would really taste good right about now” issue. Last week I managed through all of that with success (minus a mini shake from Sonic). I have some low-calorie options to fight those cravings.

So, here’s to starting week two.

Short, fat … not really proud of that

frown, to much weightAnd as it turns out, I’m not actually that short…about average actually. I do have a small frame and always thought of myself as wiry. Perhaps that is why I tend to game as a thief or a druid when I play D&D. But my weight reads as fat.

On Monday the scale plummeted to 85. That repeats for a second time in my life the heaviest value I have ever measured myself.

About 15 years ago, I had hit this point and managed to shed the weight down to 155 (high school skinny as I like to call it or as one Doctor said to the other Doctor, proper skinny). It’s been about 14 years since I kept the scales needle from growing (I wish I had wanted to play the 10th Doctor back then).

Earlier in August I had given up soda and aside from a couple of sips at the movies and one can of Coke, I’ve actually managed to avoid it. However, I know that won’t fix the weight alone.  The last time I dropped to 155, I counted calories and worked out. Eat less than I burn, I lose weight. At least for me. Since then, I’ve really just grown lazy and stopped paying attention. (In case you haven’t heard, food tastes good, and the food that really tastes good tends to make one fat.) Continue reading