Learn and Grow – New Covers

Mother's Curse CoverYou may have already noticed a bit of a change on my site and in the Heirs of Cothel Series: New Covers for the books.

I really liked the initial covers, but based on feedback, we realized that the current trends in the industry are to use photo manipulated covers instead of ones that are completely illustrated.  I will show a little bit of age and say that when I was growing up, pretty much every cover was based on a painting or drawing.  It was the heyday of TSR and they had many artists on staff to produce some very remarkable images.

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Grow where you are planted … why???

dead tree on the way to Blue Bird Lake“Grow where you are planted.”

This was a sign I saw this morning driving down the road and to me it is a very depressing message.  Perhaps I am not seeing it as it was intended, but my immediate reaction was one of distaste.  To me, it says: “be content with what you have and just deal with it.”

While there is some value in learning to accept certain things and not drive your life by what you can never achieve, that message is too complacent.  It tells you to just accept whatever your situation is.  A much better statement would have been:

“Find where you can grow!”

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