World History

Stephenie’s Grandfathers

Stephenie’s grandfather on her father’s side was King Morgan of Cothel. Morgan was an energetic man who enjoyed many distractions. He ruled during a very prosperous time and spent money not quite as quickly as he earned it. His fortunes never ran out and his willingness to spend resulted in a number of improvements and changes to Antar castle.

Morgan died two years before Stephenie was born.


On Stephenie’s mother’s side, her grandfather was King Richard of Kynto. Richard’s rule was not enjoyed by his subjects, who were often in fear being accused of treason. He also used his powerful armies aggressively against his neighbors, threatening and even invading those around him. However, despite all of his bluster, he was never successful in growing his kingdom.

He died at the hands of his son, now King Willard of Kynto, ending his attempt to invade Calis.

King Willard, who was hoped to be a more balanced ruler, arranged the for the marriage of his younger sister, Elsia, to Charles, at that time, the Crown Prince of Cothel.